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In this holidays season, I would like to share with you a few musical discoveries I made in 2010. Let's get started.

In fact I'll start with a few bands I actually discovered before 2010, but nevertheless worthing talking about them :

-Waxdoll : Waxdoll is a French indie band, influenced by grunge a bit, but in a really poppy way. Their music is really hypnotic. They got three albums on Jamendo AFAIK. They splitted a long time ago.

-Meat Machine : Meat Machine is one of my favorite project ever. Basically, it's a guy with its acoustic guitar, playing punk songs, recording in a really cool lofi way. You can get the albums at http://jonodavis.info/music/index.html, also there's an album on Jamendo AFAIK. I can't make any recommendation on how to start ; the first album is less lofi, but the second album is less punky, so it's a matter of personnal taste. But don't miss this one.

-h-burns : h-burns is a French folk singer. You can find a free album on Last.fm AFAIK. I bought the next one, which isn't available for free download, and it's equally good. h-burns is singing in English.

And now for my 2010 pick :

-the netBloc compilations : they are available from http://blocsonic.com. blocSonic is a netlabel. They include just about any styles, always carefully picked, all tracks are Creative Commons licensed. If you have to dig only one thing provided in this blog post, dig these ones.

-Dan Bryk : Dan Bryk is a very talented guy, writing perfect pop songs, that I discovered trough netBlocs. You can buy his albums at http://www.bryk.com, but there's also a few ones for free download at Jamendo AFAIK. Just start with 'Discount Store' (the song) if you value my opinion. These albums are Creative Commons licensed.

-Josh Woodward : Josh Woodward is writing nice songs. Another artist discovered via netBlocs. His music is often acoustic. I suggest you to start with 'I'm Not Dreaming' which is my favorite song from him. You can download his free, Creative Commons licenses albums at http://www.joshwoodward.com/. Josh Woodward has been releasing one new song on video per week this year.

-No Monster Club : My personnal favorite for 2010. Absolutely lo-fi awesome pop songs. There's a free album available at http://www.rackandruinrecords.com/artists/nomonsterclub.php (it's a netlabel), but the next one that is paid and soldout (tape+digital download edition) is even better. You can get a free song from this one at Last.fm (AFAIK) or give it a listen on YouTube. Also two appearance on compilations, and another paid album available (out since November), but I haven't got my copy yet so I can't speak about it. A forthcoming EP is on it's way for January.

-*Ne Mochite Rahneny Krotov* aka *NMKR* or to quote their exact russian name, *НМРК* (*Не Мочите Раненых Кротов*) is a very interesting IDM project. It's cool DIY music. I recommend 'Letnie Dni' with its awesome last song, but I also digged a few more albums that also worth a listening if you like the genre. You can get more info here : http://umpako.com/artists.php?artist=nmrk&lng=en. Also Creative Commons music.

-F***ed Up (in fact this ain't their real name, but I don't want to post rude words on this blog, so guess the rude word by yourself, and replace the 'C' by a 'K'). Awesome grunge music from Germany. Go find'em on Jamendo. A lot of new songs are planned to be released. Also Creative Commons music, available for free download. Here's the official site : http://is.gd/jmKnu (I shortened the link not to be rude. Do not click if you don't want to be offended by rude language. I hope is.gd will not ban the link).

-mGee : mGee is an instrumental music producer influenced by hip-hop. He's releasing one song on every monday, along with remix kits, under Creative Commons sa variant license, which allows derivated works. More info here : http://mgee.blocsonic.com.

-Henparty : Henparty is a great lofi pop project, remotely evocating (but it's only a personnal opinion) both The Buzzcocks and The Vaselines. You can get their free album from here : http://www.rackandruinrecords.com/artists/henparty.php. Strongly recommended if you like a certain kind of punk-influenced music that was and still is a bit popular since the mid 2000's.

Also, if you mind, here's a few former projects of mine outside the three ones featured on this blog that you can dig : Gorbie's Stuff, Beatles II and The Kuang. Gorbie's Stuff is the more punk/noisy, The Kuang is the more indie/poppy, and Beatles II is just in between. Get more info on them here : http://zcvine.over-blog.com. Please note that the Gorbie's Stuff page is featuring offending, or at least disturbing pictures, so do not browse it if you don't want to be disturbed.

That's all. Have happy holidays. See you later. Bye.


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