Me In The Bath

Me In The Bath is the new Nicolas Chartoire's solo project. It was started in October 2010, and gathered enthousiast reactions from the audience, because two songs were temporarily available on the internet.

Me In The Bath continues where Nicolas Chartoire's solo career stopped, adding more electricity and also a slight electroacoustic touch.

Me In The Bath's musical roots reside mainly in rock, punk, alternative, grunge, 60's and 70's counterculture music ranging from folk to high-energy, with also a bit of electronic pionneer music and a touch of 70's reggae, 80's funk, 60's soul, 30's blues, and not to forget a big VU influence.

Past and side projects in which Nicolas Chartoire was or is involved include Delta 9 Surfing City, Beatles II, Gorbie's Stuff, Still Living Creature, Hacking Tree Directory, Houston Capuccino Livermore Project, his solo career, and The Kuang.

Stream a few Me In The Bath songs/Écouter quelques chansons de Me In The Bath (see the menu in the right column for flac downloads/Voir le menu dans la colone de droite pour télécharger en flac)

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