New Me In The Bath song recorded


I just finished to record a new Me In The Bath song. It's named 'Help Me Trust Me'. The tracklisting of the forthcoming album 'Together We Stand' now includes :

  • Not One Soul To Love Me
  • Together We Stand
  • Help Me Trust Me

Please note that the first 2 songs were available on, from October to December for the first one, and from November to December for the second.

But let's talk about 'Help Me Trust Me' recording process :

Gear used :

A cheap Athlon 64 3000+ box from a local shop with 512 Mb of RAM, received used by donation, with it's built-in motherboard ALi M5455 sound controler (Realtek ALC850 rev 0 chipset), a 320GB hdd, a Geforce II MX 400 video card.
A cheap Plantronics 13$ microphone aimed at webcam chat and so on.
No preamp.
Monitoring : A 19 years old Phillips stereo.
An Epiphone PR 200 NS folk guitar. String brand is unknown
A Transfer "Performer Series U.S.A" made in Korea cheap bass - no amp - String brand is unknown
A drum kick pedal of unknown brand
A cardboard box filled with old electronic devices and paper used as a bass drum
A plastic box lid used as a snare drum subsitute
An empty bottle of beer
A single drum stick
A big wooden spoon used as the second drum stick

Software used :

Audacity, Ubuntu GNU/Linux 10.10, ALSA, Pulseaudio (built in amplification provided by the OS used)

Audacity filters used :

-Bass amplification
-Tube amp simulation
-Low-pass filter

Now a few word about the recording process itself :

First, it took me about half an hour to figure out that the mute switch of the microphone was set to 'mute'. Pretty silly.

Guitar recorded in one take.
Drums recorded in a certain number of takes. Finally I recorded the plastic lid+empty bottle first, then the cardboard box on a second track.
Voice recorded in one take+one overdub
Bass recorded in one take+one overdub

I recorded in 44100hz, 16-bit sample depth.

That's all for this post. Hope you liked it.

See you later

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