Nicolas Chartoire

Nicolas Chartoire's solo career lasted from September 2008, when he recorded the first song for 'Dob Beizy', to September 2010, when he released 'Lozz Es Mube'. In the meanwhile, he published three other albums. Then he decided to start a new solo project continuing in the way he used to work, but with some more electricity and a slight electroacoustic touch. Nevertheless another solo album was published in 2011, but it was recorded in August 2010.

At the begining, his music was mainly minimalistic acoustic folk influenced by punk and grunge, but has time passed he included more experimental influences, and did even use an electronic drum machine on some tracks.

Nicolas Chartoire's musical roots reside mainly in rock, punk, alternative, grunge, 60's and 70's counterculture music ranging from folk to high-energy, with also a bit of electronic pionneer music and a touch of 70's reggae, 80's funk, 60's soul, 30's blues, and not to forget a big VU influence.

His album 'Scub Tuba' has been written and recorded in less than 4 hours.

His 'Xonot Babkat' album has been for long semi-secret and not officially listed in his discography.

For a long time, he has been distributing his music for free, but he finally got tired of the over-exposure induced by the free availability of his albums, and turned his whole catalog to paid download in December 2010. There were nevertheless numerous tracks still available for free. But in May 2011, he turned his whole catalog to free download again.

While his music was available for free, he gathered numerous downloads from all over the world. 'Dob Beizy' notably was undoubtly a (more or less small) success.

Past and side projects in which Nicolas Chartoire was or is involved include Delta 9 Surfing City, Beatles II, Gorbie's Stuff, Still Living Creature, Hacking Tree Directory, Houston Capuccino Livermore Project, The Kuang and Me In The Bath.

Here's his blog.

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