Still Living Creature

Still Living Creature is Nicolas Chartoire's electronic music project. The first songs were recorded in October 2007. The first album was released in March 2008. Many more followed, including live act albums. Still Living Creature's music features influences from a large spectrum of styles, including, but not limited to, instrumental electropop, ambient/IDM alike style, big beat influenced, electronoise and experimental, synth dub, gothic vocal-featuring electronic music, vaguely dance music influenced, plain electronic music, and more.

Still Living Creature's musical roots reside mainly in rock, punk, alternative, grunge, 60's and 70's counterculture music ranging from folk to high-energy, with also a bit of electronic pionneer music and a touch of 70's reggae, 80's funk, 60's soul, 30's blues, and not to forget a big VU influence.

An interesting fact to know about this artist is that in Spring 2010, he gave himself the purpose to produce as many live act albums as possible in a minimum of time. This is the 'Old Way Live', 'Crumble Live', and 'Dig Dig Live' trilogy, all of them performed and published in less than 12 hours.

For a long time, Still Living Creature has been distributing his music for free, but he finally got tired of the over-exposure induced by the free availability of his albums, and turned his whole catalog to paid download in December 2010. There were nevertheless numerous tracks still available for free. But in May 2011 he turned his whole catalog to free download again.

He gathered several thousands of song downloads from all over the world.

Past and side projects in which Nicolas Chartoire was or is involved include Delta 9 Surfing City, Beatles II, Gorbie's Stuff, Hacking Tree Directory, Houston Capuccino Livermore Project, The Kuang, a solo career, and Me In The Bath.

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