2 new Me In The Bath songs recorded


2 new Me In The Bath songs were recorded. Their names are "Watcha Gonna" and "Something I Already Told". The first one is a sad, slow, grunge and garage-influenced song, featuring guitar, voice, and bass. It's a little more than 2 minutes long. It ends with a bass solo. The second one is more experimental, featuring a bass line, and this bass line was tweaked to produce three more tracks, the first one being the same as the original bass line, but pitch shifted one octave higher and overdriven, the second one being the first one pitch shifted a fifth higher, and the third one being the first one pitch shifted one more octave higher. The track also feature the now famous homemade Me In The Bath drums. This time, were used, outside the usual set of one cardboard box filled with old electronic devices and paper, used along with a drum kick pedal as a bass drum substitute, the usual plastic box lid, that was used this time as a hihat subsitute, and the combination of one drum stick and a long wooden spoon, outside all this usual stuff then, a metal box lid that sounded like a pretty good snare was used.

The recording process of this song involved recording one track of improvised drums, one track of improvised, atonal bass, postproduction to create the three pitch shifted tracks as described above, then the recording of one track of voice, improvised both for lyrics and melody.

These two songs should end on the forthcoming Me In The Bath next EP, which should be named 'Another Lamp'. These songs are the first two ones for this EP.

Remember that the previous Me In The Bath 5-tracks EP is still available, and was issued less than a week ago. You can still buy it in digital download format (ogg & flac) at 60% off, that is to say €2 (less than US$ 3 probably), until Jan, 24 2011. Then the price will raise to €5. Please refer to the menu in the right column of this site. Also, note that this EP feature a free song, 'Dreamin', and is available under the terms of a Creative Commons by-nc-sa license. So will probably be the next one too.

As usual, Audacity was used to record these two new tracks ; for the first tracks, amplification effect was used to overdrive the guitar, and the built in PulseAudio OS amplification (the OS being Ubuntu GNU/Linux) was used to overdrive the voice. For the second track, as written above, pitch shifting was used, and amplification to overdrive the pitch shifted tracks.

The guitar (a folk one) was an Epiphone PR 200 NS, which isn't a very expensive guitar. And the bass was a Transfer Performer Series USA cheap made in Korea precision clone, that is almost twenty years old. The microphone was a €10 Plantonic one aimed at internet voice chat and so on. For the monitoring, both an almost twenty years old Phillips stereo and an headphone set that came with an iRiver T7 mp3/ogg player were used.

Well, thanks for reading, and we hope to see you back here soon.

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