Gorbie's Stuff

Gorbie's Stuff career started in August 2004 and ended in June or July 2005. The band members were : Nicolas (bass, lead vocals), Ism (drums, main backing vocals), Julien (rhythmic and lead guitar, backing vocals (although his backing vocals are not featured on any of the recorded Gorbie's Stuff songs)), and Turm (rhythmic and lead guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on the live recorded version of 'No Lips').

Few bands mixed so successfully both sense of melody and a very, very noisy touch.

The story of the band started in late 2003, when Nicolas and Julien started thinking about a new project. Many mails were sent, many hours were spend talking in real life, an finally in June 2004 they got in touch with Turm, who had played with both of them in various projects, and started having rehearsals. In August their friend Ism joined them at the drums.

The band gave its first show in September. 5 other ones were to follow, but Turm wasn't always here.

The band recorded a few songs in January 2005 but was not satisfied of the result. Then a show was recorded in March. Then Turm left the band. It continued until June, and a few other songs were recorded, then Julien left too. Ism and Nicolas were still having rehearsals, sometimes with additional fellows, but finally in July the band splitted for good.

In October 2008 a two-track release was issued, 'Someone+Shebang'. Then, in August 2009, a complete album, 'Almost Complete'. Both were and are available for free download.

Gorbie's Stuff's audience reactions were always very good. Their shows used to be pretty much crowed, at least for a band making this kind of music, and their music to be passionate, chaotic, experimental, very noisy, and sort of melodic too.

Past and side projects from Nicolas include Delta 9 Surfing City, Beatles II, two unnamed projects, a band known as 'Gorbie's Stuff first era', Still Living Creature, Hacking Tree Directory, Houston Capuccino Livermore Project, The Kuang, a solo career, and Me In The Bath.

Older projects from Julien include two unnamed projects (one being not the same as Nicolas' ones) a band known as 'Gorbie's Stuff first era', and The Kuang.

Older and side projects from Turm include Delta 9 Surfing City, three unnamed project (one with Julien, one with Nicolas, the last one without any other Gorbie's Stuff member), Beatles II, and a band known as 'Gorbie's Stuff first era'.

Older and side projects from Ism include Suburban Slums, Euh, We Funckin' Hippy, two nameless projects (one with Turm and Nicolas, one without any other Gorbie's Stuff members), and Nique Dindon Caramel Bonbon.

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