The Kuang

The Kuang was a (probably) short lived duet featuring Nicolas and Julien, two former Gorbie's Stuff members.

Usually Nicolas played the acoustic or electric rhythmic guitar and sang, and Julien played the lead electric guitar and made backing vocals. This, excepting on the song 'Young Gun' where Julien sang and Nicolas played the bass.

The origin of the duet can be found in 2006, about one year after Gorbie's Stuff's split, when they recorded 'You', but the song was not published at this time, and they didn't choose a name. Then the project slept for more than two years.

But in December 2008 they recorded 'Did I Say You Gonna Hate Me' and started thinking about choosing a name. Nicolas suggested 'The Kang', refering to the alien character in 'The Simpsons', but Julien suggested 'The Kuang', from the Kuang Mark Eleven very polite computer virus featured in William Gibson's science-fiction book 'Neuromancer', and Nicolas agreed that it was a far better name. Both were very fond of this writer's work.

In fact this is not sure, if they chose the name, or recorded the song, first.

They put the song online for free, as they will always do for the other ones, as soon as they got recorded, excepting 'You'.

Julien designed The Kuang's squid logo. It is not known if the reference to William Gibson's short story 'Johnny Mnemonic' which feature a SQUID device was deliberate or unconscious.

The Kuang wasn't the kind of band who would record numerous takes until everything is perfect. Out-of-sync tracks, accidental noises were familiar to them. Also, they never had rehearsals, and never performed live, focusing exclusively on recording and publishing songs.

Things then happened fast. First, 'Bad Weather' was recorded and published. Then 'Young Gun' was recorded, and put online along with 'You' on Friday, 13th february 2009.

'No One' was recorded an published in March.

In June Julien designed an high-resolution vectorial version of the logo.

In August a few elements for a new song were recorded, but the band never finished to work it out, and went since on standby, or maybe splitted, altough the split never was officially announced.

Older and side projects from Nicolas include Delta 9 Surfing City (this band used to play a garage cover version of 1930's bluesman Robert Johnson's 'Love In Vain'. This song's lyrics are quoted in William Gibson's Bridge trilogy), Beatles II, two unnamed projects, a band known as 'Gorbie's Stuff first era', Gorbie's Stuff, Still Living Creature, Hacking Tree Directory, Houston Capuccino Livermore Project, a solo career, and Me In The Bath.

Older projects from Julien include two unnamed projects (one being not the same as Nicolas' ones) a band known as 'Gorbie's Stuff first era', and Gorbie's Stuff.

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