More news about the forthcoming Me In The Bath debut release


Here's some news about the forthcoming Me In The Bath debut release, to be named 'Together We Stand'. It is planned to be released under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa license, for paid download, along with a free track.

As you may know, four songs have already been recorded. Finally, the release will be out as an EP, not an album. This, meant to have the songs available sooner, since Me In The Bath wants its work to be provided earlier. Believe me or not, this decision was taken due to a dream I made last night.

So, there will (if everything goes right) be one more song recorded, and the debut EP will be published. The new song will be named 'Dreamin'. It's actually in early definition stage, but it should be a noisy one, influenced by The Ramones, to be acurate The Ramones of the 'Adios Amigo' era.

The four, already recorded songs, are (it's a reminder) : Not One Soul To Love Me, Together We Stand, Help Me Trust Me, and Outsider Art. You can find more informations about them by browsing the 'News : Me In The Bath' section of this website.

Please note that the 'Together We Stand' is not a reference to the well know (for those familiar with American history) leitmotiv ; I wasn't aware of it when I choosed the release's name. Actually, this is a reference to the lyrics of The Kuang's song, 'Bad Weather'. The name of the project, Me In The Bath, is also a reference to the same song.

The new song will probably be a huge one. I even plan to share it on a popular music sharing website, and it will probably be the free featured track.

The debut EP should be available at 60% off for the first 2 or 3 weeks, that is to say, €2 per unit (digital download), provided in flac lossless and ogg format, as (speaking about the format) the other releases from my various solo projects.

The EP will be added (providing nothing goes wrong) to the Still Living Creature/Nicolas Chartoire package, second edition, that will be renamed Still Living Creature/Nicolas Chartoire/Me In The Bath package. This package allows you to get the 22 Still Living Creature releases, and the 5 Nicolas Chartoire releases, and then, the Me In The Bath debut EP, saving 60% on the per-unit basis catalog price.

Well, I thing I told you everything I wanted to feature in this message, so I will stop now. Best wishes for the new year, and see you later.

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