Free songs for you/Chansons gratuites pour vous

Free songs for you/Chansons gratuites pour vous

These songs will no longer be available after Sep, 17 2011/Ces chansons ne seront plus disponibles après le 17 septembre 2011
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All albums available for free and legally from this site/Tous ces albums sont disponibles gratuitement et légalement sur ce site.

  1. Me In The Bath - The New Album Of The New Music - Pal
    lo-fi, noise, rock

  2. Me In The Bath - Lift/Locked - Weird Feeling (Split album with/avec Still Living Creature)
    lo-fi, noise, rock

  3. Me In The Bath - 20110210 Live Acoustic Session - They Just Wanna Have Fun
    lo-fi, noise, rock, acoustic

  4. Me In The Bath - Liquid Soap - Worm Inside Your World
    lo-fi, noise, rock

  5. Me In The Bath - 20110208 Acoustic Session - So Keen
    lo-fi, acoustic, rock

  6. Me In The Bath - Another Lamp - Lips
    lo-fi, noisy, rock

  7. Still Living Creature - No Title - No Title
    electro, noise, idm, ambient

  8. Nicolas Chartoire - 32kbps Tales Volume 2 - Why Are You Living This Way
    minimalistic, folk, folkpunk

  9. Me In The Bath - Together We Stand - Dreamin
    lo-fi, noisy, rock, grunge

  10. Still Living Creature - Radio Link - Again
    electro, noise, ambient, idm

  11. Still Living Creature - No Sleep - No Sleep IV
    electro, ambient, idm

  12. Still Living Creature - SLC Is Back - Dontcha
    electro, noise, ambient, idm

  13. Nicolas Chartoire - Lozz Es Mube - Infosphere
    experimental, acoustic, lo-fi

  14. Nicolas Chartoire - Xonot Babkat - The Bugs
    folk, folkpunk, lo-fi

  15. Nicolas Chartoire - 32kbps Tales Volume 1 - Sleepless Night
    minimalistic, folk

  16. Still Living Creature - Lost Tracks EP - Looking For Money
    synthdub, electro

  17. Nicolas Chartoire - Scub Tuba - I Am Not The One You Are Asking For
    minimalistic, folk, folkpunk

  18. Still Living Creature - Looking Forward - What Is New Nigel
    happy electro, idm, ambient

  19. Nicolas Chartoire - Dob Beizy - Watch The Morning
    minimalistic, lo-fi, folkpunk, folk

  20. Gorbie's Stuff - Almost Complete - Go Away
    noisy, rock, power pop punk

  21. Still Living Creature - The Bright Side Of The Town - Yellow Eyes
    IDM, ambient, electro

  22. Still Living Creature - More Martian Music - Old CD
    happy electro, melodic electro

  23. The Kuang - Untitled Album - Did I Say You Gonna Hate Me
    indie, rock, alternative, acoustic, electric

  24. Still Living Creature - Free Drug - Small Set
    happy electro, melodic electro

  25. Still Living Creature - Blue Monday - Plasma Lips
    happy electro, melodic electro

  26. Still Living Creature - Flowers For Helena - Matchbox
    happy electro, melodic electro

  27. Still Living Creature - Old Songs - Argentina
    happy electro, melodic electro

  28. Still Living Creature - Ten Songs - 17h07
    happy electro, melodic electro

  29. Beatles II - Demo 0 - La Numero Un
    alternative rock, indie, electric

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