Our 2011 pick

Hi everyone,

Well, already November, and soon the web will be full of 2011 picks. To start a bit early, here's our pick for 2011, ranked with no particular order. A bunch of artists you should check :

Fukked Up : awesome grunge band from Germany singing in English. Free download.

No Monster Club Great, real great Irish garage melodic band. A must. One of the best bands from the last 10 years IMHO. Some downloads are free, some other are $$$.

Matmix Industrial rock, free download... Very, very interesting indeed.

Dany C French-singing acoustic singer songwriter, excellent. Free download.

The Open Up And Bleeds A punk rock act from Sweden, pretty much good, from the awesome label afmusic. Free download.

The NIGHTCHILD Yet another afmusic band ; goth/new wave music simply great. Free download.

Gotch Excellent French rock/electro artist. Free download.

Gunther Tarp Singing in English, French rock one-man band. Strongly recommended. Free download.

The Circle A A great anarcho-punk band from Réunion Island (French territory in the Indian Ocean). Two vids avail. for free download, we're waiting for the album.

Meat Machine Simply one of my favorites of all times. Acoustic punk. So much recommended that my english cannot express this. One new album released in September. Free download.

Logan Dataspirit Like electronic/dance music ? Then you should enjoy this one. Free download.

Ferdinand Raillefer One of the most innovative projects ever. Check also the side projects 'Clodomiro Charlilecho' and 'Juanito Carabonita' on the very same website. Free download.

The Roman Line Classic poppunk/punk band, simply excellent. Free download.

Prevenge/Dig It Up Split EP ; Dig It Up has people from The Sainte Catherines in it (great, great). Free download.

Shino Acoustic singer songwriter, singing in English. Just great. Free download. Another afmusic production.

Explicite Hey you, dya like hip-hop ? We do not forget you. Here's a very conscious and excellent French hip-hop artist, rapping in French. Strongly recommended. Free download.

Ahem, what are you still doing here ? Please select a link above and enjoy !

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