Me In The Bath / Thcoreba Thmano News

Many people who will actually get this message are probably already aware of the fact, but the Slcnc Music team is now working on putting some stuff on BandCamp. You can already find the three Thcoreba Thmano EPs there :

The next step is to get Me In The Bath releases online on the very same service. Currently one EP is online - the newest one :

To sum up Bandcamp, you can get there Flacs and many other format, for free... It's 'name your price, no minimum', so if you don't want to pay just enter 0. Please note nevertheless that there's a monthly limit for free downloads (of 200 per project), if it is reached the albums will turn to $$$ and you'll have to switch back to our good old BitTorrent to get them for free - refer to the 'Download Center' section of this blog to do so.

Bancamp also provide easy-to-share widgets for albums and songs, and a Facebook share service that allows to stream directly from Facebook's news feeds, if you share on this social network. We promise we will not sue you for breaking the NC clause if you do so (:

It is planned, that the following project are added to BandCamp, in that order :

Me In The Bath
Still Living Creature
Nicolas Chartoire

For all other projects, we'll see if the musician are motivated by the idea of using this site, and act according to their will.

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