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You may have noticed recently, there were some changes around.

In an ever changing world, you can expect services like the one we are running to mutate over time.. Well, it was time for us.

Our webradio Wumzle Radio was launched in its fifth version a few month ago. This fifth version, we're deeply sorry, is no longer online, mainly due to the lack of people listening to it. The fourth version is still online, but is no longer maintained and should eventually go offline someday. No new tracks are added to the playlist.

Additionally, Slcnc Music will now focus on BitTorrent as a way to distribute its catalog's music. You can no longer find our tracks on Last.fm. Since some old albums are not open licensed and not for now distributable trough BitTorrent, they are temporarily unavailable. We try to get the grant from each and every right owner to open-license these releases, but since some of them are very old, the musician are not always very interested in what will happen to these records - but we won't give up the process !

And, a last thing, a lot of music videos we put on several video platforms are no longer available, too. Most of them can now be downloaded trough BitTorrent.

This was meant to have a Slcnc Music that is less diluted among a zillion of platforms.

In the meanwhile, we are proud to have issued a whole bunch of new albums and EPs recently. Go give them a listen, if you want to.

Nicolas "Shangri-l" Chartoire, founder

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